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Canadian soldier brothers die battling PTSD

Canadian soldier brothers Ron and Ryan Anderson both battled PTSD leading up to their deaths. Ron committed suicide in 2014, his younger brother Ryan died in October, with a mix of carfentanil, cocaine, and slew of prescription drugs in his system. Both endured extreme violence and danger serving in Afghanistan. But it wasn’t until they… Read More »

PTSD Campaign

My life’s mission is to reach people and save lives. I believe my suffering will be used for great things, to help others and for that I wouldn’t trade my trauma for anything. God will use me and my broken pieces to be the light in this dark world. Creating a masterpiece out of this… Read More »


Sometimes we have gilt about what might trigger us when we have PTSD.. I’ve in the best case scenario when we have a partner that is knowledgeable about ptsd and is understandable and patient.. We’ll get upset with our selves for having all these negative feelings.. Cuz we know it not of partner that way… Read More »

Journal Entry January 18,2018

I had this experience the other day and it seemed like the perfect story to kick off the PTS-DDT series. (Post Traumatic Stress Dealt with Dance Therapy) So I woke up bright (err…kinda) and early and started my day with a 4:30 am hoop sesh (I fiddled with the colors, brightness and all that so… Read More »

Elvis is suffering PTSD, Killed 14 people – Womans March 2018

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Breaking News Today – Mel Gibson’s ex Oksana Grigorieva claims she has PTSD

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Mel Gibson’s Ex Alleges Domestic Violence Left Her Suffering From PTSD

Mel Gibson’s Ex Alleges Domestic Violence Left Her Suffering From PTSD. The love may be lost, but the lawsuits linger on for Mel Gibson and ex-lover Oksana Grigorieva, who alleges in new legal documents that the domestic violence she endured while they were together has left her with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and may have… Read More »

Healing Trauma – Part 21 – Violence, Abuse & PTSD

This is the most difficult video I’ve made so far. It’s about a topic that many suffer in silence about. The effects of abuse and violence and some of the struggles of living with PTSD. I have wrapped myself in childhood comforting objects to soothe myself as I share some of my personal journey. I… Read More »

Song – Things To Do (Inspired by traumatic experiences and C-PTSD)

I have my ADHD diagnosis and medication partially to thanks for getting this song done. It had been months since I’d been able to sit down and work on music as much as I had wanted to. Now that I am in a state of No Contact with my family, all filters are now off,… Read More »