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The Service Dogs Helping Veterans With PTSD

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft Animals: http://bit.ly/2ceCJY0 A CHARITY is giving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers a new lease of life by pairing them up with service dogs. 1Pet1Vet, based in Kankakee, Illinois is a non-profit organization that specialises in pairing and training companion and emotional support service dogs with military veterans, to cope with the effects… Read More »

Australian w ar veteran dumped by defence force after talking about his PTSD

‘I was treated like a leper’: Australian war veteran was told to do another tour of the Middle East or be dumped from the defence force after opening up about his battle with PTSD. An Afghanistan War veteran has laid bare the confronting reality for soldiers struggling to assimilate into everyday life after years of… Read More »

Save our Iraq War heroes from the post traumatic stress that k illed Kevin Williams

Save our Iraq War heroes from the post traumatic stress that k.illed Kevin Williams. I CAN’T stop thinking about boy ­soldier Kevin Williams, who was sent to fight in Iraq when he was just a teenager and witnessed scenes of unimaginable carnage. Kevin suffered post traumatic stress and is thought to have taken his own… Read More »

Violet’s regret/PTSD (the toll of killing)

Seeing injured soldiers at the front line of former enemy territory, Violet reminisces her past life. What was once a tool of killing has developed conscience, and realizes she is full of burn marks. The same ‘hands’ that faithfully transcribe wishes to loved ones have also prevented many from keeping their promises to their loved… Read More »

Can Marijuana Treat PTSD? Unprescribed Trailer No. 1

“Unprescribed” is an upcoming documentary that looks at medical marijuana as a treatment for PTSD and a means for combating opioid addiction and veteran suicides. An Allegiance Films production. Produced and directed by Steve Ellmore. Music provided by http://www.hooksounds.com under creative commons. Featuring Queen of the Skies by Nicolai Heidlas and Solitude by Muciojad. Source:… Read More »