Understanding PTSD & Stress in a Disaster

As we discuss disasters and SHTF events, we can’t underestimate the effect of dealing with these stressors on people. In today’s show, we’ll cover Brians’s experiences with PTSD and how that might affect everyone, from young children to the average adult. We planned to go over the two guests from episode 4 of Doomsday Preppers,… Read More »

Writing in mania – loose associations, metaphors, symbolism, grandiosity

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Current in a mixed mood episode, so have been feeling the stress, while doing a lot of processing while working on my books. I didn’t bother with makeup, in case I did tear up and also so can see more easily the fatigue/stress. Last night, I read back this email… Read More »

Gentle Rain & Thunder Sounds | Help Study, PTSD, Insomnia & Tinnitus

Gentle Rain & Thunder Sounds | Help Study, PTSD, Insomnia & Tinnitus Gentle Rain & Thunder Sounds | Help Study, PTSD, Insomnia & Tinnitus Source: Youtube

Anxiety.NLR | PTSD R6 Minitage

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Coping With PTSD

PTSD also know as post traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that can occur after a person has been through a traumatic event. These events can include: natural disasters, car crashes, sexual or physical assaults, terrorist attacks, combat during wartime, or even death of a pet or friend. In this video, we want to… Read More »

Relationship Tips and Advice by Pakistan's No 1 Relationship & Clinical Psychologist Cabir Chaudhary

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Chronic Stress and complex PTSD

Chronic feeling of stress. How do we break that pattern? Usually, these are multi-layered patterns and require a lot of patience to unravel. What would it mean to you to walk on this healing journey with like-minded people? The online Thriveroo Community is a group of people dedicated and committed to healing and inner growth.… Read More »

[VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED] Video Captures Unprovoked, Unpredictable Pit Bull Attack

CONTENT WARNING: Readers who have been viciously attacked by any breed of dog and suffered Posttraumatic Stress Disorder should not watch this video. It might reignite this emotional trauma. Our emphasis on this warning cannot be stressed enough. Once seen, there is no going back. This video does not show gore or injured body parts… Read More »

PTSD (Replay) & The Blocked Doomsday Preppers Segments

If you watched last night’s show you know that because of YouTubes copyright policy, we couldn’t air the segments where we reviewed two guests on Doomsday Preppers. Good News! YouTube has released that block, so it is airing now. Unfortunately, we couldn’t edit out the segment where we talked about PTSD, so that will be… Read More »