Sexual Abuse: How do we recover & how long does it take? Mental Heath Videos with Kati Morton

Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? How do we recover from sexual abuse & how long does it take? Mental Heath Videos with Kati Morton I wanted to begin addressing the topic of sexual abuse and how we can heal and overcome it. The first part of recovery from this is to… Read More »

The Narcissist Will Always Make It Your Fault

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Teen suffering from PTSD launches foundation to help others like him

Liam Klein was diagnosed with PTSD and assigned a service dog to help with his condition. The results have been remarkable, so he started a foundation that raises funds to help other children with PTSD be able to afford service dogs. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for daily videos: **More info & videos below** For… Read More »

CRISIS: Veterans, mental health & the wounds we cannot see | psychology recovery & military

Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? Veteran’s Day is tomorrow; I wanted to take some time to talk about mental health and the issues that plague them. We all know that PTSD is an issue for all our veteran’s but what about homelessness, addiction, and suicide. The most staggering statistic I found… Read More »

Trauma, OBGYN Checkup & Coping Skills | Kati Morton, Therapist

Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? Getting our first gynecological exam when we have been through a sexually abusive situation can be scary and overwhelming. Many of my clients don’t even go for their checkups because of the anxiety they have around it. Today I offer up some helpful coping skills and… Read More »


Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? A lot of people wonder if trauma therapy is possible if we dissociate. Many of us need support because we are dealing with PTSD from an accident, or an assault or something entirely different. Today, Dr. Alexa Altman and I talk about how important staying present… Read More »


Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? Does abuse always lead to trauma? And if the abuse does end, can you suddenly develop trauma years after? First let’s start by defining trauma: a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. And just to be clear in order for someone to be traumatized they must encounter… Read More »

Why do we have Flashbacks? | Kati Morton, Therapist

Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? Many of us suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and have flashbacks as a result. Today I talk about why it is we have flashbacks, traumatic memory versus non traumatic memory, and how we can stop flashbacks from happening again! First I would like… Read More »

Are Binge Eating and Trauma Related?

Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? Subscribe here! I’m Kati Morton, a licensed therapist making Mental Health videos – Depression, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Self-Harm and more! Mental health shouldn’t have a stigma attached to it. You’re worth the fight! Binge eating and how it relates to trauma is what Alexa and… Read More »

Emory Healthcare Veterans Program Helps Warriors Reclaim Their Lives

The Emory Healthcare Veterans Program helps those who served reclaim their lives from the invisible wounds of service. The program treats veterans and servicemembers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), military sexual trauma, anxiety, and depression. The program is comprised of top professionals who create individualized treatment plans for each warrior. Three… Read More »

Rescuing dogs, rehabilitating inmates and saving Australian Defence Force veterans.

The Defence Community Dogs program trains rescued dogs to become Service Dogs to support Defence Force veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD). The program is fully funded by Donations made to The Defence Bank Foundation. Please share this video with anyone you think could benefit from this program. Source: Youtube

Eating Disorders & PTSD – Live Broadcast Kati & Caloriqe

Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? Eating Disorders & PTSD Live Broadcast with Kati Morton & “Tumblr” Caloriqe We talk about PTSD, answer ?’s LIVE from Twitter @katimorton & Caloriqe’s tumblr account and I make a special “early” announcement about the Ellen Show. I need your help: 3 things you… Read More »

MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstasy, could help veterans with PTSD

Therapy that utilizes MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy, may be key to helping veterans with PTSD. A study found PTSD was eliminated in 68 percent of veterans treated with MDMA-assisted therapy. CBS News senior national correspondent Jim Axelrod spoke to one vet about the impact it has made on his life. Subscribe to the… Read More »