Music Therapy | Ukuleles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Post Traumatic Stress

Danielle Kalseth’s music therapy patients performed at the Wolf’s Den dining facility in the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson hospital Nov. 22, 2017. The performance featured music that was chosen by the patients, and was played live during the dining facility’s Thanksgiving lunch. The performance was the product of several weeks of therapy, but music therapy isn’t… Read More »

[4chan] Pokemon PTSD

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“I.F.T.” – Breaking Bad: S3 E3 Teaser

As Walt calls Skyler’s bluff and moves back home without her consent, Jesse ponders re-entering the drug trade as a Mexican cartel anxiously awaits its opportunity to get revenge for the death of one of its own. Season Three – Episode Three: “I.F.T.” Episode Description: Walt ignores Skyler’s demands, increasing the tension between them and… Read More »

CPTSD, and Our Unique Traits & Tendencies in How We Respond to Trauma

Personality traits affect how we experience and respond in cPTSD. A one size fits all mentality is useless in the face of trauma. Getting a handle on our disposition and unique susceptibilities as human beings can help us strategize how to adapt, treat, and heal. Source: Youtube

Goodbye Psychopaths 2018 – Complex PTSD

Narcissistic and psychopathic abuse contributes to the serious and debilitating condition of C-PTSD. Persistent malicious gaslighting and bullying can add to any existing trauma stored by the body, causing mind, body and soul to suffer. Serious illness may result as the person’s immune system is tipped out precariously out of balance. We can start to… Read More »

Robin Engholm’s Story | Maluna Combat 22

Robin Engholm joined the U.S. Air Force fresh out of high school. Like thousands of veterans and those who serve, she battles post traumatic stress and has lost friends to suicide. A lot of people think PTS only affects those who see active duty or that it affects more men than women. For Robin, it… Read More »