Sollite Integrative Medicine Beyond Stress in Neutral Mind

———————————————————————————— If you feel inspired by Sollite’s mission to heal the illusion of separation and enter into Unity Consciousness by Utilizing the Highest Most Enlightened Aspect Of Your Soul For Healing And Conscious Awakening, here are a few ways you can support and build our community. Get a Free Gift: Like our Facebook Page… Read More »

HOW TO IDENTIFY TRAUMA | Learning About Trauma Series Ep. 2

In this video we’ll learn how to identify behaviors that might signify a child has experienced a childhood adversity (trauma) and then we are going to examine the reasoning and causes behind these behaviors. check out the transcription here: check out our post video survey here: check out resource master-doc here: Source: Youtube

Spirituality & Trauma Release plus Oracle Reading | Channeled Podcast

A Spiritually Channeled Podcast. A combination of powerful awakening reminders and teachings, transmissions, conversational insights and expression of spirituality from spiritual channeler and extrasensory, Cody Singh. Today we discuss spiritual topics of understanding regarding healing from trauma. A scientific as well as metaphysical understanding. We do an oracle group for our collective audience! Plus more… Read More »

OTA Best of Orthopaedic Trauma Techniques Theme: Breakthrough Innovations in Orthopaedic Trauma

🔰DAY 3 LIVE Today! Theme: Breakthrough Innovations in Orthopaedic Trauma Best of Orthopaedic Techniques in Trauma : An International Live Event* 🔆Organised in Association with Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) International with Integrace & Powered by OrthoTV 🔺9th May: 6 to 9 pm IST 🔹Dont Miss this Amazing Event: Register NOW: 🔸Noted Faculty: Dr. Jesse… Read More »

How Do I Battle P.T.S.D After a Debilitating Accident?

How Do I Battle P.T.S.D After a Debilitating Accident? Send John your questions. Leave a voicemail at 844-693-3291 or email We want to talk to YOU! As heard on this episode: – BetterHelp – Get Dr. John Delony’s new 80 page quick read, Redefining Anxiety here: Get a money plan for real… Read More »

TML Lecture 18: Recent Trauma Research

Lecture 18 on recent trauma research, for the course Trauma, Memory, & Law In this lecture I look at 2020 and 2021 research on trauma and memory, including a couple of studies from Payton Jones’ dissertation. (Link to Payton’s dissertation talk: Please leave your comments, or raise questions, below. I hope to get to… Read More »

TAKE CARE of YOU: How will you return to your ‘remade life’ STRONGER and BETTER! | Kim Reed

The 21 Days of Optimism, a video series of motivational talks and interviews from an expert panel of inspirational leaders from around the country. We will continue. Stay tuned for new challenges, videos and more! Thank you for subscribing! Optimists Always Win! available on Amazon Copyright © 2021 Optimists Always Win Series! Kimberly S. Reed… Read More »