Psychiatry educational videos coming up! – Psychiatry simplified by Dr Sanil Rege @psychscenehub

We see getting ready in studio to produce a range of psychiatry educational videos. We plan to realise one every week stating soon! So stay tuned for some good old psychiatry concepts simplified. Our aim is to cover disorders, how to diagnose and how to treat. Will be useful to anyone interested in psychiatry and… Read More »

Love life relationship psychology astrology advice dating motivation tips in India in hindi urdu

#relationship , #lifeadvice , #relationshipadvice , #relationshipcounsellor , #relationshipexpert , #moveon , #breakup , #motivation , #relations , #loveadvice , #advice , #depression , #psychology . Dear friends, The purpose of these videos is only entertainment. I am not an expert , so don’t anything personally or seriously , but I do have fair amount… Read More »

[Detective] Robert Galbraith – Lethal White, Part 1/2 [Cormoran Strike] (2018) Audiobook Full Length

🔔 Check Out Best Relaxing Music Channel on YouTube ► Listen Part 2: ❤️ Thank you for Subscribing ❤️ Leave your feedback about this audiobook in the comments. * Don’t forget, the best reward for a book author is buying a book. If you liked this book – buy it 😉 [Detective] Robert… Read More »

One Tear live from BulletProof Studios

One Tear is a hard driven emotionally filled song about the battles a family suffers after the return of Vet from the Vietnam War! Please support enter a and their families in their drive for a health life.. support. Charities that help Post traumatic Stress disorder ! Source: Youtube

Relaxing Ocean Waves To Sleep Instantly, Stop Insomnia, Relax, Reduce Stress, PTSD help 12 Hours

😊 Sounds to Sleep, Study, Relax, Reduce Stress, Insomnia Share with family & friends to help them feel better too 😍 🌿 SUBSCRIBE & CLICK 🔔 🌿 DONATE – Disclaimer:- Relax YouTube channel is for entertainment purposes only, and should never be used to replace any medical advice or treatment. If you have a… Read More »

Yin Yoga Quick Relief for AFib or PTSD Episodes

For those of you who experience AFib, irregular cardiac rhythms, panic and/or PTSD-like episodes, this yin yoga session may bring quick relief. Just know, I am not a health care professional. Always check with yours before doing any new kind of movement, diet or exercise. But, I can share my personal experience. I’ve been living… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | Acute Stress Disorder | PTSD

In this video you will get to know about post traumatic stress disorder and some disorder similar to it. This content can be received as pdf for your exam preparation through our telegram channel. Please subscribe to the channel if you like the content and keep supporting like you always do. ❤️❤️ #phobia #psychologyclass12th #shorts… Read More »

Lil Rekk – PTSD [Official Music Video]

Lil Rekk – PTSD Stream: Follow Lil Rekk Instagram: Twitter: #PTSD #LilRekk #HEAVY #HighbridgeTheLabel #HEAVY Official Video by Lil Rekk – PTSD © 2022 Highbridge the Label / EMPIRE Source: Youtube

Trauma's Effect On The Body

Hello Hooray Live Streams & Podcast Network – Podcasts About People Making the World a Better Place. Hello Hooray is online at Host: Robert Sweeney, author of “You are Not just a Diagnosis: Using Trauma-Informed Techniques to Create Your Best Life.” It’s on Amazon! Digital Production: Teddy Pierce (@HelloHoorayLive) email: text: 863-949-0877… Read More »