Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Anxiety – JULIA | MISTAG

JULIA points out something very important: “You never know what the consequences of not getting help are”. This is a very powerful message and it reminds us all that WE are the only one who can take the decision to improve our mental health, to take care of ourselves and there is nothing wrong with… Read More »

Foolish Senpai – PTSD | Official Lyric Video

Peace! I’m a musician living in Kings County, California. If you get a chance, please check out my links below for Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram, and my website. Appreciate your time and support. Bless. Apple Music Link:… Spotify Music Link:… Instagram Link:… Website Link: #foolishsenpai #ptsd #lyricvideo Source: Youtube

Finding Hope – PTSD and Suicide Prevention – Veteran Affairs – Play For Your Freedom

Even if you think there’s not help out there. Or even if you feel that there’s no hope…. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE. We here at Play For Your Freedom are dedicated to helping veterans stay healthy. Our goal is to assist those who are dealing with PTSD and the impact this can have of an… Read More »

Treatment of Women Combat PTSD Patients

For anyone with questions, here are the recourses I used: Dever, Mary Riddle, John “PTSD Symptoms in Women” Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience p. 445-461 European Journal of Psychotraumotology Hathaway, Bill Yale University Landen, Rachel “Pattern of Problems with the VA system” Modern Goldman, Bruce “The Cognitive Differences between Men and Women”… Read More »