Mental Illness Awareness | Living With PTSD Struggles

‼️Please Like, Share and Comment‼️ #Mentalhealthawareness day is a day where you can go see a therapist to talk about your problems. Living with #PTSD doesn’t just happen to those in the military it can happen to civilian as well. For some when you say #mentalhealth folks, think your crazy. However that’s not so. Sometimes… Read More »

PTSD: Brainspotting

So in this video I briefly review EMDR and go over in greater detail something called Brainspotting. I cannot lie-I am a huge fan of Brainspotting. Like HUGE-even though the idea of it sounds kind of ridiculous… Both EMDR and Brainspotting are done by therapists and the great part of them both is you don’t… Read More »

PTSD + NEW *BEST* Controller Fortnite Settings For Linear *AIMBOT* (PS4,XBOX + PC) Only 200 Pumps

The BEST Fortnite Settings In Chapter 2 Season 4 For Aimbot! SUBSCRIBE FAMILY🚨 – Drop A Like💕 – Subscribe 💕 – Turn On Post Notifications 💕 Socials⚡️ 🐦 Twitter ~ 📷 Instagram ~ Discord ~ Pop Smoke – PTSD (Fortnite Montage) Song – #FortniteSettings #FortniteControllerSettings #LinearFortniteControllerSettings #FortniteMontage TAGS: fortnite controller sensitivity… Read More »