Despair, Resiliency, and Hope: Navigating Depression After COVID-19 | Cape Cod Church

We all experience ups and downs in life. But since COVID-19 arrived, we’ve felt those lows more intensely… and many of us have lost hope. In light of the unique challenges the pandemic has posed, this talk will explore various types of depression, its causes, and possible treatments. Dr. James Manganello (PhD Boston University, Master… Read More »

Chiropractic Research Update #1 from Life University's Center for Chiropractic Research (CCR)

Life University’s Dr. Sid E. Williams Center for Chiropractic Research (CCR) has launched a new research video series that provides a quick overview of research that has been published in the chiropractic profession. The articles have been selected and prepared by our Life University research scholarship students. Study Name: Spinal Manipulative Therapy Effects in Autonomic… Read More »

X Has PTSD – NoPixel 3.0 Highlights #206 – Best Of GTA 5 RP

Best moments of GTA 5 RP Highlights Compilation 0:00 Lilypichu 1:04 Ash_on_lol 1:40 Penta 2:29 Burn 4:10 Burn 5:17 Esfandtv 6:24 Silentsentry 9:18 xQcow 12:22 Burn 13:22 Kyle 14:29 Kyle 15:50 Penta ► Subscribe for more compilations: ► Submit Clips / Contact me at ► Tip Jar: Music & Sounds by:… Read More »