Dr. Tama Lane – "What is Trauma?"

What is trauma? Dr. Tama Lane answers questions relevant to survivors of trauma. (2019) Hey Trauma Campaign: http://heytrauma.nyc/ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ HEY TRAUMA, THE DAY WE MET CAMPAIGN I invite you to participate in HEY TRAUMA, THE DAY WE MET — a campaign designed to spread awareness of a growing epidemic in our society, the aftermath of… Read More »

What is Trauma Bonding? | Kati Morton

Order my book today! ARE U OK? http://geni.us/sva4iUY Now the term trauma bonding was coined by counselor Patrick Carnes and is defined as “the misuse of fear, excitement, sexual feelings, and sexual physiology to entangle another person.” But what that really means is that traumatic bonding is: “a strong emotional attachment between an abused person… Read More »

Tesco wont deliver to Tallaght estate over driver assaults

Pauline in Tallaght called into RTÉ’s Liveline to tell them that she can no longer get her Tesco online shopping delivered to her home as the delivery drivers are refusing to enter Killinarden Hill estate due to a spate of assaults over the past few weeks. One driver was shot with a ball bearing and… Read More »


Mission Objectives: Advanced PVP matches, but played on GLOPS Maps … or you could say – GLOPs but without capping! The team with the most damage wins. “VETERANS-UK [XARMY] Battalion” “BRIT-CRUSADER” is a War Gaming channel dedicated to Military Veterans who enjoy playing the PC Game ARMORED WARFARE. This online multi-player modern tank game has… Read More »

"You Light It, We Write It" PSA & Impact of Illegal Fireworks on Seniors, Veterans & PTSD Sufferers

The sudden and unexpected noise from illegal fireworks poses a serious nuisance to seniors, veterans and people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Clark County is working with several agency partners to crack down on the use of illegal fireworks in the Las Vegas Valley over the Fourth of July as part of an inter-agency campaign… Read More »

Q&A Subscriber Feedback Part 3

To take advantage of the DeMars Coaching service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ Thank you for watching and please vote for this video with a thumbs up or down. Please share this video with someone else and on social media, forums, groups, and try putting it in a playlist. Please subscribe if you would like to see… Read More »

Fallout 76 – robot with PTSD (xbox gt djiplay)

I AM NOT A STREAMER AND IDGAF ABOUT SUBSCRIBERS, likes or dislikes, I do not run any adverts on any of my videos. I simply upload clips of moments that are interesting, funny or up for discussion. Check Out These Links http://www.house-mixes.com/profile/djiplay or http://www.mixcloud.com/mcsnare/ – My Gaming Channel Mainly https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHtADrH69hCRk7Yfjc2E9-g I have been a gamer… Read More »