King Harvest Q&A PTSD

King Harvest Wellness discusses the use of CBD Oil for PTSD. For further information on this or other related subjects, please visit us at If you have questions, please join us on Facebook For further updates, please follow us on Instagram Happy Healing! Source: Youtube

Veterans: How to Heal From PTSD Using the Emotion Code

Coding Alternative, a Bioenergetic Practice with two Emotion and Body Code Practitioners, are finding a way to give back to the military. One of the ways we go about lowering depression, anxiety, and PTSD is through a method designed by Dr. Bradley Nelson called “Clearing your heart Wall”. The procedure takes about 3 hours which… Read More »

Transcending PTSD: Healing the Inner Scars of Domestic Violence Through Transcendental Meditation Research has found the Transcendental Mediation® technique reduces symptoms of PTSD by up to 50%, insomnia by 42%, and is twice as effective at reducing trait anxiety when compared to other techniques. It is now practiced by millions of people worldwide from all backgrounds and walks of life, and is one of the most… Read More »

Heather Part 4: Doing Cocaine At Work

Heather had ambitions of becoming a doctor. However, too much alcohol caused her to redirect her goals towards becoming a paramedic. After several years as a paramedic, Heather became a firefighter where she handled many horrific calls. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder crept up on Heather. With the Fire Departments being generally a heavy drinking “boys… Read More »

Can Talk Therapy Make PTSD Suffering Worse?

A conversation with: Audrey Sussman Phd of & Andrew Sartori of Here’s a chat I had with Andrew about ‘talk therapy’ and how it can actually make things worse. The 5 Reasons Talk Therapy Will Hurt You: – Re-living the trauma every time you talk about it – Identifying with the trauma, rather… Read More »

Vlog: Flashbacks and Tattoos

TW self harm, verbal abuse The days after the tattoo and the flashbacks that come with it. Youtube Resources for mental health: Lisa A Romano: Ollie Mathews: Sam from Narcissism Survivor: Kati Morton: Discord Servers: CPTSD: Triggered Care: Facebook Trigger Care: Email: Source: Youtube