PTSD Medication Performance Linked To Hypertension

Researchers found in a study, medication for post-traumatic stress disorder is more effective for patients with higher blood pressure. Scientists involved with the experiment noted the drug prazosin has reduced PTSD symptoms in the past. Approximately one-third of all recipients, however, don’t respond to the treatment at all. In a study published in the journal… Read More »

Military PTSD – Thriving not just surviving

Living with PTSD is difficult but you can recover and become more resilient. This Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling community webinar explores: • What it’s like to live with Military Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? • How can PTSD affect veterans’ families? • When to seek care? • Why PTSD is treated? •… Read More »

PTSD || Post Traumatic stress disorder symptoms || Memory Flash back symptom of anxiety strees diso

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“SECRET MILITARY OPERATIONS!!” Dogman Sasquatch Paranormal Encounters Episode:40 Crypto PTSD

Tonights guest will share some strange encounters he had with a group of friends while breaking into a Military Base! It was supposed to be abandoned! You Don’t want to miss tonights show!! Bigfoot The Truth Told LINK: Source: Youtube

After The Truth: PTSD Does Not Cause You to Cheat on Your Wife

Judge “Scary Mary” and clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho talk about the complicated episode where Ron confessed to cheating on his wife with hookers. Subscribe to Face The Truth: Watch on TV: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: About Face The Truth: Face The… Read More »

Working with Refugees with PTSD

The National Partnership for Community Training in coordination with the Ethiopian Community Development Council is pleased to present “Working with Clients with PTSD”, by Kristin L. Townhill, Licensed Clinic Social Worker (LCSW). Ms. Townhill discusses the effects of PTSD, the prevalence of PTSD within the refugee community, and helps participants identify tools for working with… Read More »