How to begin to heal from PTSD military veteran insomnia in Denver

303.819.0097 A Restful Night What is it like to experience PTSD insomnia?  How can we begin to heal from this? Have you been hurt in the past?  Do you carry wounds from serving our country?  Are you afraid to be hugged? Do you long for a life that isn’t ruled by fear?  Do you hope… Read More »

Cognitive Behavior Theory

Transcript Cognitive Behavior Therapy Taylor Harris Angelo State University In 1960, Dr. Aaron T. Beck researched psychoanalytic concepts of depression. He found that many of his patients had negative thoughts that came up spontaneously.Dr. Beck classified these thoughts as “automatic thoughts” (Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, 2016) Dr. Beck began helping patients evaluate the… Read More »

Climb Out of the Darkness

Original file date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014, ID:q6lck4 The birth of her new daughter should have been a happy time. Instead, it was a dark and scary period for Alicia Glascock, locked in the grip of post traumatic stress disorder following potentially life-threatening complications during childbirth. Everybody knows that soldiers may experience PTSD — but… Read More »

Getting Crafty for Christmas| Vlogmas Day 1 |Why am I called Poking Holes?

I’m going to put the fun back into the Christmas Season! This is my 3rd No-Contact Christmas. I will be uploading Vlogmas videos on weekdays. In case you are wondering, in the video when I am crocheting with earbuds in, I am listening to Sam Vaknin’s new video, “To Be Seen”. I recommend listening to… Read More »

How can I begin to heal from ptsd military veteran hypervigilance in Denver?

303.819.0097 What is it like to experience PTSD hyper vigilance? How can we begin to heal from this? Do you find yourself constantly paying close attention to your surroundings? Are you always on edge? Do you find it difficult to relax? Do you want a life that isn’t dictated by always being on edge? Don’t… Read More »