Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Part 1

******** America House Kyiv is a welcoming space for the Ukrainian public. It is the United States’ premier venue for cultural programs and outreach events in the nation’s capital. A comfortable, tech-forward place for open dialogue, idea generation and innovation, America House hosts a wide variety of activities, including discussions on pressing policy issues, speaker… Read More »

Cptsd: Essentials for the New Year!

Welcome! Grab a pen and paper or your phone with notes and let’s hone in on Cptsd Essentials for the New Year! Thanks for taking the time to watch and share, it’s been such a wonderful year having the ability to share with all of you! Free Pdf Work from Home Websites:… Discover More… Read More »

What I’ve Used In Therapy For Recovery From Trauma, CPTSD, Anxiety

Today I’ve sharing some of the specific things I’ve read or used while working on recovering from a long history of trauma in therapy. If you have questions, let me know! These things have helped me so much, I hope they can help someone else! Tools I’ve Used: – The Body Keeps The Score book:… Read More »

The Long Term Effects of Childhood Trauma

Order my book today! ARE U OK? Today Dr. Alexa Altman and I sit down to discuss trauma and how if the PTSD or other trauma symptoms go untreated it can follow up in later life. Research even shows that trauma or abuse can affect our own children and be passed down through our… Read More »

Family Murders PTSD I The Speakmans

A teenager fled for her life as her stepfather shot dead three relatives leaving her with chronic PTSD Subscribe to The Speakmans’ YouTube channel for more tips: Laura McGoldrick is possibly one of the worst cases of PTSD imaginable. Laura lost 3 family members who were shot and killed in front of her by… Read More »

The TRAGEDY Within RWBY (RWBY Theory)

ITS SOOO TRAGIC, well if you taking a psychological approach not so much, it’s actually quite normal, but do you understand it? Follow Me! Twitter: Twitch: Instagram: Source: Youtube

War Thunder | F.222.2 | “The PTSD bomber!”

Join Joseph2000 and DarkAngel as they fly out in what DarkAngel has christened the ‘PTSD’ bomber! Why? Watch and find out. Enjoy. Follow me on Twitter: Email addresses: Any questions: Sub replays: Certain aspects, of War Thunder, may change between recording and uploading of videos. Whilst I will always strive to be… Read More »