PTSD From Partying

Katie Price AKA Jordan starts off another one of her dramas, must be time for another book she is thinking about releasing. What an absolute melt. All this does is dilute the true suffering of people with PTSD. She hasn’t had anything happen to her in life to give her this diagnosis. Story taken from… Read More »

My Mental Health Journey | anxiety, depression, PTSD, oh my!

**I KNOW THE BACKGROUND IS CROOKED IM SORRY 😩** Hey boobs in this video I talk a bit about my mental health journey and tell you guys how I stay afloat during hard times!! These are just a few of the things I do to stay afloat mentally — I didn’t talk about antidepressants, support… Read More »

REPRESSED MEMORIES? – Mental Health with Kati Morton

Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? Repressed memories are hypothesized memories having been unconsciously blocked, due to the memory being associated with a high level of stress or trauma. The theory states that even though the individual cannot recall the memory, it may still be affecting them consciously. Since I have worked… Read More »

Trauma Bugs

My experiences with other brain “bugs” associated with chronic stress. Youtube Resources: Lisa A Romano: Ollie Mathews: Sam from Narcissism Survivor: Kati Morton: Discord Servers: CPTSD: Triggered Care: Triggered Care Facebook: Source: Youtube