Blind Audition: Crissy Ashcroft – When The War Is Over – The Voice Australia

Retired Army corporal Crissy Ashcroft won over fans on The Voice with her vulnerable and raw performance of Cold Chisel’s “When the War Was Over.” Ashcroft, 50, explained how singing helped her recover from post-traumatic stress disorder. Source: Youtube

Horrors of War For Soldiers (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Reality: hundreds of soldiers are suffering PTSD when returning from their tours. many hide their horrors, but thousands suffer greatly from it. while most get help when returning from war, thousands still are not being helped with it.!!! FACT: our goverment, just sweeps it under the carpet when our soldiers return as if it isnt… Read More »

managing uncertainty complex PTSD

Times of uncertainty can quickly become overwhelming when you got cPTSD. It takes time to learn tools to manage our symptoms. Here’s my favourite technique that helps me or prevents me from sliding into crisis… Will my brain ever function normal after complex trauma? Here’s a training video on how our cptsd symptoms relate to… Read More »

Bee Movie YTP #1 | Barry is indecisive and has PTSD

This is my first YTP (Youtube Poop), it follow the story of the very indecisive Barry B. Benson whom of which also has PTSD and is to work in a very peculiar factory, which may or may not leave him triggered… Oh, and please forgive me for the stale dank memes at the start… Credit… Read More »

gen:LOCK Season 1 Episode 5 Review – Upgrades and PTSD

gen:LOCK saw the enemy that they face, Nemesis and Cammie is faced with her own shortcomings, her initial solution to the problem is not the best approach but her team is there to help her through it. when they encounter nemesis again, something new is revealed that spells trouble… Watch genLOCK on Rooster Teeth First:… Read More »

Toronto surgeons are testing groundbreaking new treatment for PTSD | Your Morning

They are the first to be working on this kind of treatment and it could shape how the disorder is treated moving forward. ————————————————————————————– Subscribe to Your Morning for the latest: Connect with Your Morning: For the latest in news and lifestyle visit: Your Morning on Facebook: Follow Your Morning on Twitter:… Read More »