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Makeup, PTSD, and Addiction

TW: CSA mentions, abuse mentions Don’t forget to subscribe:►► Check out my Patreon: or Please consider donating to me on ko-fi: Join this channel to get access to perks: Listen to The Bubble Tea Boys podcast on Apple or Spotify for more of me! Follow me on these jawns! Tweets… Read More »

Wim Hof breathing exercise vs. My PTSD Day 2 video journal

Welcome to 2020! …and cue my PTSD to be off the charts. Horray! I am Zoe Bones and this is my personal account and video journal of applying the Wim Hof Method to combat severe anxiety and depression. I am doing 3 sessions of 10 rounds of the breathing exercise the oxygenate the blood as… Read More »

Day 4 Plank Challenge 3 minute 10/20/2020 #Workout at Home

Hello, Welcome fo my Channel, Day 4 Plank Challange 3 minute How to get flat stomach in a month at home without equipment ABS workout planking. Day1: 3minute Day2: 3minute Day3: 3minute Day4: 3minute Day 1 to 30 3mins planking for 30 days 💪 Raising awareness for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Anxiety and Depression… Read More »

Relaxing Harp Music, Sleep Music, Meditation Music, Spa Music, Study Music, Instrumental, 1 Hour

Find relaxing ocean magic in this gentle music with cheerful glockenspiel and harp. Nature sounds of soothing ocean waves immerse your worries in calming waters. Feel more free, more joyful, and more imaginative. This music was originally created for younger listeners, however it can be enjoyed by anyone. Listen to Song Of The Blue Sea… Read More »


XARMY BATTALION CONTRACT – THIRTEEN “World War Three” NATO -vs- USSR / Russia TEAM BLUE: Can only deploy vehicles from NATO stocks as listed: Tier 6 MBTs: Chieftain 900, Leopard 2AV, M1 Abrams Tier 7 AFVs: Rosomak, VBL Ingwe, Warrior Milan Tier 8 Lt or Td: M8 Bulford, Harimau, M1128 MGS, VCAC Mephisto TEAM RED:… Read More »


My Dark MakeUp characters are actually an emotional detox activity that my subconscious leads me to do in order to release GRIEF. Performance have varied from complete schizoid detachment to frontal lobe performance like this one here. This is my pre CPTSD undertsanding of all of this being a trauma response to my ABANDONMENT WOUND… Read More »