056: Military Caregivers and Blue Star Families with Dr. Geri Lynn Maples

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056: Military Caregivers and Blue Star Families with Dr. Geri Lynn Maples

As the wife of a veteran injured in service to our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dr. Geri Lynn Maples advocates, educates, and dedicates her life to serving our veterans and their families. Her Doctoral Dissertation, titled, “Surviving the Invisible Wounds of War: As Told by the Unseen Heroes,” focuses on her personal story as a National Guard Military Spouse turned Caregiver and the impact of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Traumatic Brain Injury upon National Guard/Reserve Military Spouses and their Children. Geri is also the Chapter Director of the Dayton, Ohio Blue Star Families and the 2020 Elizabeth Doe Fellow for Ohio.

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