10 Hrs/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder revised/Subliminal Meditation/PTSD/ Finding Peace/Seaside Rain

My life feels empty, lonely and dark.
I shout in anger, but it’s an empty bark.
Unpleasant memories flood in leaving me distraught,
debilitating my soul, body, mind and thought.
I am alone in my pain which feasts on me,
understand me, help me, this is my plea!
Yet inside me hope is like a seed in Spring,
I am reborn, HOPE is the song I now sing!


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Would you like to feel better, feel good, maybe even feel Great. If so then perhaps this subliminal meditation is for you.

Take control of your life today!

The hardest things to change are those parts of our personality which are private, intimate, habitual and what we believe makes us individualistic, or even sometimes enhances us and makes us stronger (at least on the surface). Yet if we look at these traits unemotionally, we find that most often the opposite is true. These aspects of our personality can be deeply entrenched within our very being, and indeed they fight to remain there so if we wish to change them; we must adopt the action best described as ‘PERSISTENCE OVERCOMES RESISTANCE’! Yet if we try to approach the matter through will power alone, we create a conflict within which can be wasteful of our energy and leads to frustration as we constantly have to fight our self! ENTER the SUBLIMINAL Meditation, which helps bring about the change we seek without internal conflict.
To continue with the meditation, you are making a positive and serious commitment to change your life for the better by accessing the very real power of your subconscious mind/inner being to create the change you require. Improving confidence, release stress and anxiety, and so much more.
With subliminal meditation, all you need do is listen to the meditational sound in the background. The subliminal suggestions/affirmations are embedded in the meditational sound, entering directly into your subconscious mind without conscious thought or distraction. It does not require belief or a strong will. Know that your mind would recognise anything negative and it would automatically discard anything unsuitable. THE MORE YOU LISTEN, THE MORE THE POSITIVE SUGGESTIONS AND AFFIRMATIONS ARE EMBEDDED INTO YOUR BEING, EVENTUALLY REQUIRING ONLY A TOP UP AS AND WHEN REQUIRED. IT IS ALSO VERY EFFECTIVE BEING PLAYED AS YOU SLEEP.
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Wishing you life’s best.



Never listen to anything meditational/subliminal when you are driving, operating machinery or anything which could be hazardous to yourself or others.

This Meditation is not meant to replace professional advice or assistance.

PURCHASE OF ARTWORK AND SUBLIMINAL MEDITATIONS All artwork used in Advantage Subliminal is original and my work. If you are interested in a print of any of the artwork (minus any text), then please email me at advantagesubliminal@gmail.com. Prints are available either in good quality Photo paper or on stretched canvas. The price is subject to the type and size of the print and your delivery location. If you would like any of my 10-hour (approximately) subliminal meditations on a USB 3.0 flash drive or equivalent, then please let me know. The cost, plus postage per meditation including the drive (but not postage) is £20.00 Sterling or 26.00 Dollars (or equivalent in other currencies). Should you wish an additional meditation on the same flash drive, there will be an extra charge of £5.00 or $6.50 (or equivalent in other currencies per additional meditation. If you are interested in purchasing a meditation, then please email me at advantagesubliminal@gmail.com. All payments to be made with PayPal. Details are given when the order value (including postage) is given and accepted.

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Here is a sample of the subliminal neditations and affirmations:-

Memories, visions and dreams whether sleeping or awake have no emotional or detrimental effect on me because I observe them only as an impartial bystander.

I naturally, easily and constantly shape my thoughts, memories and dreams so that they consistently engender positive loving hope, energy and action.

If I get caught in a negative, hurtful flashback I naturally, simply, effectively and instantly slow my breathing down bringing beautiful calming peace and stillness into my mind and body.

In the event of any real, symbolic or dreamlike reminder of the traumatic events of my past I naturally, easily and instantly slow my breathing down bringing beautiful calming peace and stillness into my mind and body.

I have learned from my memories and experiences and they no longer exert any negative influence in my mind or dreams because I am at peace with them.

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