10 People Who Woke Up During Surgery

10 People Who Woke Up During Surgery

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Becoming conscious under the surgeon’s knife, horrifying!
People who wake up during surgery can not tell anyone about the
trauma they face! Why?
As before surgery, they are paralyzed using muscle relaxant.
They can feel every cut and stitch but just can’t tell anyone.
That sounds like the worst nightmare one would never want to
experience. But meet those people who went through this, in
today’s video on 10 people who woke up during surgery.
Back in the year 2008, a 44-year-old Canadian lady named
Donna Penner needed to undergo surgery on her abdomen. She
was about to get Laparoscopy.
Things got the perfect start. Donna was given anesthetic and laid
But things went messed up when Donna woke up earlier than
expected. Penner thought that the surgery was over. Then she
heard the surgeon ask for a scalpel.

It was just the beginning of her surgery and she had already
woken up!
But she could do nothing about it as she was paralytic at that
time. She was awake but couldn't move.
Penner felt the entire surgery!
She felt the surgeon cut her open, sliding medical instruments
through her abdomen, and organs being moved around. Penner
thought that she would die.
Penner suffered throughout the entire 90-minute operation. Not
only did she feel the pain of the procedure, but she also nearly
After this terrible, terrible experience. Penner struggled to move
on with her life, but the stress overwhelmed her. She had to see
a therapist afterward as she was heavily traumatized.

This Poland girl woke up during her brain surgery!
This 19-year-old teenage girl named Iga Jasica woke up during
brain surgery and asked her doctors how the operation was
The girl was undergoing the procedure to have a cancerous
growth removed from her brain.

According to the doctors, she woke up halfway through the
surgery when the anesthetic wore off!
That sounds horrible! But then comes the twist.
Her brain was exposed, but according to the surgeons, the Polish
girl’s health was completely out of danger. Jasica was not able to
see or feel anything.
The reason being, the brain has no pain receptors and she wasn't
in any danger.
Still, this whole scene feels traumatizing.


This Sweden man named Simon Rosenqvist had the most
traumatic experience when he woke up during surgery, which was
to correct the collapsed lung.

He woke up during operations and couldn't move or twitch a
muscle, staying awake for 35 out of the total 50 minutes of the

He suffered unbearable pain and the time operation ended he was
in severe anger.

After the operation, Simon immediately filed a report to Sweden’s
National Board of Health and Welfare.
This woman wanted her appendix to be removed but this surgery
became a horrible memory for her.
Shortly after the appendix surgery began, Alexandra Bythell’s
anesthetic wore off and she woke up.
With eyes taped shut and breathing tubes in her throat, she just
panicked. Bythell tried to breathe, but she couldn’t manage a
single breath. It was a near-death experience.
Shortly after these terrible experiences, she drifted back to sleep.
After asking the hospital she just received the excuses. The staff
failed to check the levels on the anesthesia machine so she was
paid an undisclosed amount for damages and her psychological
As a result of this operation, Bythell’sl mental health was highly
affected. She suffered nightmares and panic attacks. Later on,
she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.


There can never be a worse situation than waking up during heart
That terrible incident happened with this man here.
The man named Sidney L. Williams needed to undergo open-
heart surgery.
According to the surgeon he had a 50-percent chance of dying on
the table. But the man agreed.
After having the dose of anesthesia, Williams drifted off to sleep.
But he woke up to the sound of a bow saw, at that moment his
sternum or chest bone was being opened.
Williams couldn’t make a sound, nor could he move, speak, or
see. He was unable to inform doctors about his condition.
Williams couldn’t even cry, as the drugs he was given stopped
tear production.

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