10 Signs You're An Empath Who Got C-PTSD From Narcissists

10 Signs You’re An Empath Who Got C-PTSD From Narcissists. Malignant Narcissists can be extremely harmful to an Empath’s emotional mental health and overall well-being. Empaths who were subjected to prolonged Narcissistic abuse tend to develop C-PTSD or Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Here are some of the signs that you might have acquired.

Empaths who have acquired C-PTSD may feel like it is the end of the line for them but it never is. You have gone through hell and survived. Make sure that you fight hard and not leave your mind and heart there. Let that Narcissist know that you may be bruised, but you are far from broken. How did you find out about your C-PTSD? How did you move past it?

00:00 INTRO
00:21 10 Having Terrifying Dreams Or Flashbacks About The Abuse.
01:06 09 Never Being Able To Relax.
02:01 08 Being Constantly Jumpy And Nervous.
03:02 07 Experiencing Physical Symptoms Or Reactions.
04:02 06 Avoiding Trigger Places, People, Or Activities.
05:01 05 Not Allowing Oneself To Become Vulnerable.
05:52 04 Being Unable To Regulate Emotions.
06:48 03 Having An Overwhelming Preoccupation With Their Abuser.
07:47 02 Feeling An Unshakeable Sense Of Guilt And Shame Over What Happened.
08:38 01 Believing Themselves To Be Unworthy Of Happiness.

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