12 Hour Charity live Stream for Mental Health Lets go come say hi

Hello and welcome guys girls ladies and gents to a special stream today im doing a 12 hour charity live stream for mental health today. This is the link to show you which charity when money raised is going to.


This is were you can donate https://streamlabs.com/dmhall2016

Why a mental health charity?
I have been with my wife for 4 and 1/2 years and she suffers with bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder, emotional personality disorder, depression, post partum psychosis.

It hasn’t been easy but 3 years 1/2 years ago our beautiful boy Dontai arrived into this world thinking things would get better but only got harder.

Its been a very hard journey but you know what we are still together if that doesn’t show you nothing what does.

Did you know mental illness is one of the biggest illnesses in the world but least treated this is why i am doing this charity stream.

So please show your support drop a like and sub and donate if you can if you can thanksx

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