139: When the Warrior Comes Home: Confronting Trauma, Stress & PTSD with Jen Satterly

Jen Satterly is an author, speaker and wife to Command Sergeant Major (ret.) Tom Satterly who appeared on episode 138. With Tom, she is the co-founder of the All Secure Foundation . 

When Jen met Tom, his second marriage was about to implode due to his unresolved trauma and severe PTSD. Eventually, they married and Jen realized she was in for the ride of her life as she tried to wrestle with Tom’s demons, while discovering her own unresolved trauma from a sexual assault as a young woman. 

Jen’s book Arsenal of Hope: Tactics for Taking on PTSD , Together is a fantastic read from the perspective of a spouse who wants to help, but isn’t a push over, but also doesn’t know where to begin. Through their journey, Jen discovers a healing path for them both that she now shares through her work. 

You can learn more at allsecurefoundation.org and on social media @allsecurefoundation and @tomsatterly

If you need immediate help, call the Veteran’s Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or for first responders, call Safe Call Now at 206-459-3020.

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