2 Nightmares & Migraine Headaches #PTSD #hxofabuse #historyofabuse

So, I barely slept because of nightmares. I have been suffering from migraine headaches, possible due to lack of sleep.

I can’t even manage to get anything done today. It is almost over here I have not even done my morning routine. I just want you guys to experience some of the inconveniences that I go through due to my past history.

Anyone can say whatever they want to judge you, or criticize you. However, when they can walk in my shoes, perhaps don’t understand how things from so far in the past come back.

A recent trauma in my life has awaken all of my symptoms. It is rough to live through this, even while on medication, I still have symptoms.

Please watch: “2019 Has NOT Been A Good Year & Another Apology”


Source: Youtube