20 Years Since 9/11, Veterans Need Access to Psychedelic Therapies

We all remember that tragic day. We also remember the resolve and solidarity that rose from the ashes of Ground Zero. A generation of American soldiers answered the call, and without hesitation deployed forward to defend our America.

As we reflect on 20 years since the attacks on 9/11, we are faced with the reminder that roughly 20 veterans per day die by suicide. These brave Americans need us now.

Our veterans need access to therapies that work, therapies that not only allow them to survive, but to thrive. Psychedelic therapies are transforming the lives of veterans, and bringing families back together.

Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS) has provided funding for hundreds of our nation’s heroes to heal from the invisible wounds of war. Let us come together for a generation of Americans that came together for us.

VETS intends to END veteran suicide. We have #strengthinnumbers. Join us.


Source: Youtube