Canadian Army Veteran and student of the horse, Paul Nichols lives with the challenges of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Amigo, has been mistreated and neglected in the past. His trust in humans is minimal.
A dance is about to start. During this training, Paul will try to establish a “conversation”, a mutual acceptance, and a partnership with Amigo.
This dance is a therapeutic conversation for both of them.
The dance. It is an expression commonly used by Paul and Terry Nichols, equine behaviorist experts and founders of The Forge, a program conceived to help Veterans and First responders living with PTSD.
This dance is a conversation between humans and horses to better work together, to build a stable relationship based on trust and communication. Although highly technical, when perfectly mastered it becomes a poem in movement between the protagonists, beautifully executed, where the conversation is held thru gestures, pauses, breathing.


Source: Youtube