207: Ayurveda, Healing Traumatic Stress & Finding Your Purpose With Gunny Sodhi (HIGHLIGHTS)

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When you experience trauma or extreme psychological stress, overcoming it and move forward with your life can sometimes feel impossible. Today’s guest Gunny Sodhi found that out firsthand when dealing with his own PTSD. But through ayurvedic teachings and the discovery of his life’s purpose… everything changed! Now he’s here to teach us how to heal our trauma, find our calling, and live a fabulously full life.

Gunny’s father was one of the very first naturopathic and ayurvedic physicians in the US and he was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by the powerful teachings of Ayurveda, naturopathy and other magical eastern healing modalities. After spending years learning about those natural practices from his family, he set out in 2017 to help transform the lives of others. His supplement company YouVeda was formed on the unshakeable belief that “nature has truly given us everything we need to heal ourselves.” Gunny’s passion and true calling is to help others overcome their trauma, heal, achieve radiant health (both inside and out), and discover their true purpose.

In this episode, we dive deep into the inner workings of Ayurveda, how you can heal your trauma, and how finding your passion puts you on the path to happiness. If that sounds epic to you, pop in those earbuds this is for you!

In this episode we chat about:
•His story starting from growing up surrounded by naturopathic and ayurvedic practitioners (00:49)
•The tragic event that changed his life and forced him to create Youveda, an ayurvedic supplement brand (02:49)
•Why we think we are invincible in our teens and twenties (05:11)
•Why you need to really feel your emotions to release them (loved this) (07:05)
•The power of Vedic and Transcendental Meditation for healing psychological trauma (09:00)
•How to heal PTSD at home (10:48)
•Why he created Youveda and who the company serves (12:15)
•Why finding your passion is key to long-lasting happiness (16:17)
•The secret to his success in business and in life (18:01)
•Plus so much more!

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