3 Hrs Real time Rain- White Noise-Black Screen-Deep Sleep-Relaxation

3Hrs Realtime Rain-White Noise- Black Screen-Deep Sleep & Relaxation.

Natural Sounds Help us to Relax comfortably for well being.Rain Noise gives remarkable changes Involuntary processses like Breathing,Blood Pressure,Temprament,Metabolism&Digestion.

Sound of Natural Rain has a Calming effect,Eases Anxiety,Stress,Depression,post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

Researchers & Psychologists call Rain Noise as Pink Noise.It is a Natural Sedation to the active Mind.Because of its high &low Frequency Rain Noise is more effective in Anxiety&Stress.

Sound of Rain is in the range of 20Hz to 20000Hz,reducing brain wave complexity. It is the gate way to calm Mind.

Helps in ADHD,Autism,Insomnia,Stress Relief.

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Audio-Sound Soul Team- Naturally recorded when it was Raining real time on field.

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Source: Youtube