"3 minute Stress Buster" Barefoot Doctors creating TUFMINDS

This TUFMINDS technique is shared with you by the Barefoot Doctors Sailing as we have had such a high level of requests to share these techniques on our YouTube channel!

If you experience stress, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or even insomnia and depression, here is a 3 minute relaxation technique followed by a lovely guided visualisation meditation. This shows the steps to create a place of tranquillity and peace that you can return to at any time that you become stressed.

Listen to this meditation repeatedly to practice and get better at dumping your stress and to get better at finding your happy place of tranquillity and peace…

This is all part of the TUFMINDS program that is offered under a not for profit charity (Exqisit Life Foundation) and “TUFMINDS” can be downloaded for free on smartphones from the app stores. There are techniques in the program that improve wellbeing, mental resilience, motivation, relationships, depression, anxiety and stress.

These processes are also extremely helpful in suicidal prevention and intervention – it actively moves individuals away from the point of suicideand gives them hope and path out of the darkness….

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Donations can be made to keep the free program and app running.
Donate at : https://shoutforgood.com/charities/exqisit-life-foundation

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