3 Techniques For Talking About Your Anxiety Disorder // Taught By A Mental Health Professional

One of the hardest parts of living with an anxiety disorder is feeling like you have to hide it because no one seems to understand when you try to talk to them about it.

In this video, Dr. Julia Swafford, a real-life mental health professional, teaches 3 techniques for talking about your anxiety disorder.

Not all anxiety disorders are the same and the treatments can look completely different. For instance, Treating Panic disorder will look much different than treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). And treating Obsessive-compulsive disorder(ocd) will not be the same as treating social anxiety disorder or a generalized anxiety disorder. Each disorder is very different and has its own approach and treatment.

Anxiety and stress are normal necessary parts of everyone’s life and are universally felt, so use that as a starting point to explain the difference between anxiety and an anxiety disorder.

One misconception is that treatment requires medication and this simply isn’t true. Anxiety treatment without medication is possible using tools like cognitive behavioral therapy or TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).

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