3 Things You Need To Know About Shadow Work

3 Things You Need To Know About Shadow Work // Shadow work exercises and how to utilize the shadow for personal development, and spiritual growth. The shadow reveals some of the brightest aspects of our soul. ➤ FREE Soul Embodiment MP3 Guided Meditation: http://bit.ly/2E31PYg

In this video, I share how to do shadow work and integrate the shadow self. We often forget and push emotional pain, triggers, soul aspects and post-traumatic stress disorder to our subconscious mind. Through personal development, self-help, and spiritual development we can consciously look at our shadow. I share some tips on shadow work for beginners.

In this video, I focus on the latent life-force energy and soul force that is waiting to be retrieved in the shadow. By doing this, you can raise your vibration and accelerate your spiritual expansion as a lightworker. Also, when you increase your frequency through meditation, shamanic work, vision quests, shamanic journeys, and many other healing modalities, or work with healers, that can bring up lower energy… or the shadow. I also share that wanting to heal yourself or fix your wounds, doesn’t mean you have to live in the darkness or identify with it. Stay focused on light. Stay focused on the divinity of your soul and source your energy from above.

By facing the shadow we can become fully aware of all aspects of our consciousness. Beginning shadow work is all about being open to seeing the shadow, suppressed, hurt, wounded or challenged aspects of your personality and energy.

Carl Jung, through his creation of Jungian psychology, first coined the term. He discovered the correlation between the shadow and the subconscious. Through his work, we are able to bring into wholeness, separate pieces of our psyche.

We each have our personal unconscious and the more we work through it, the more we heal the collective unconscious.

My Video On Shadow Work & Integrating Darkness:

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