3 Va Disability Claim Tips with Dan Quick from Va Claims Insider

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Dan Quick is the Veteran Claims Expert that developed my winning Va claim strategy for me last year.
Here are three Va disability claim tips that will help you understand how to file a va claim for Tinnitus, PTSD and Somatic Symptom Disorder.

The result was a 100% disability rating from VA. We talk about Tinnitus, Somatic Symptom Disorder, and PTSD to name a few things and Dan does excellent work. He changed my life forever and now I can breathe a little easier because I have won my Va claim and I am getting the compensation that I deserve!

Here is a little more information about the three Va claim tips we discuss in this video.

Code 6260: Tinnitus is the ringing sound in the ear that often comes after exposure to serious aural trauma like explosions. It can come and go, or be always constant. The VASRD helpfully points out that tinnitus cannot be rated if other people can also hear the ringing. The va disability claim tip to connected somatic symptom disorder as a secondary connection to tinnitus is figuring how tinnitus impacts your lifestyle. This is called a lifestyle impact claim.

Code 9421: Somatic symptom disorder is a condition where the person regularly sees many different doctors complaining of pain, sexual problems, stomach problems, or nerve problems. These symptoms do actually exist in the patient, but there are no physical causes. The most common explanation, although not proven, is that the physical symptoms are the brain’s way of dealing with stress. Somatic Symptom Disorder can be directly service connected but it seems to have more punch as a secondary condition to another va disability claim that you are filing.

Code 9411: Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety condition that is caused by experiencing a traumatic event. A traumatic event can be defined as many different things, including car crashes, combat, death, abuse, extreme fear caused by an event, physical trauma, sexual abuse, or any other event that conflicts with an individual’s moral/natural ideals. This Va disability claim tip explains that most veterans with a low va rating of 50% or lower are probably under rated and Dan talks about why most veterans that suffer from PTSD should fall into the 70% or 100% category.

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