3,600 for 2015. Post traumatic depression.



Teenage Cancer Trust Fundraiser/Awareness Videos 2020.

When I was 17 I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer so when The Teenage Cancer Trust set up a press-up challenge event I wanted to get involved and help try and raise some money for them. Teenage Cancer Trust provides facilities and support geared up to helping young adults. It makes a huge difference believe me.


The official challenge is to do 3,000 press-ups in the month of November, ~19k people are signed up to this . But, I like a stretch challenge and, reflecting on the fact that I turn 40 years old in the month, I decided to up the ante and do 100 for each year making it a 4,000 total challenge!

Each video contains 100 press-ups, a feel-good song for each year from 1980 through to present day, and a short insight hoping to raise awareness and maybe help someone watching who could be a patient, relative, friend or even a colleague, now or in the future.

Source: Youtube