4 Reasons why people develop anger

Anger has devastating outcomes. what causes anger? How can anger ruin your dreams? how can anger be avoided?
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Anger is an emotional response that often result in devastating consequences.
Finding out the underlying problems that provokes anger in people and how to deal with it is expedient. Anger is not just to be manage but should be kept in check and brought under control. The faster you deal with anger, the better!
People who have not been healed from anger are more likely to suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress and other disorders. They are also a potential source of chaos and commotions where ever they function. Knowing some of the reasons why people develop anger can be helpful in the way we deal with victims, understanding what can escalate their state of being and how to help them out of their predicaments.

Number 1: They’re not patient
Before you build a company, sit down and calculate the cost. The cost is not limited to money but also a feasible time span to accomplish it.
Many people want what they want, and they want it right now. When people set unrealistic timeline to Their set goals and fail to meet up with such calendar, they end up losing patience, playing the blame game which gradually leads to self-provocation, annoyance and may turn to bitterness and rage over time. Do not adopt project that are above your capacity and do not do the right things at the wrong time.

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