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Many of us who have been through a trauma experience flashbacks as a result. A flashback is when we “flashback” to that traumatic time in our mind and it can feel like we are back there again. It can even retraumatize us. Today I offer up 5 ways to better combat the flashbacks so that they happen less often or stop all together.

1: Self-talk. I know this may sound odd, but we can be traumatized again if we allow ourselves to be fully pulled back into a flashback. Therefore it can help for us to tell ourselves that it will be okay, this is just a flashback and that it will go away soon. Even reminding yourself that you are not back there and are in a safe place can help too.
2. Soothe yourself. Doing something that feels really good and comforting to you. Everyone is going to be different, but some ideas are taking a hot shower, putting on cozy clothes, listening to soothing music, etc.
3. Grounding techniques! I talked about this in my video with Alexa where she tells us that using our 5 senses can really help as well as sucking on candy because that sucking and swallowing is calming to our system as well. Here’s the link for more!
Video with Alexa: https://youtu.be/1vckMPHaITA
4. Allowing yourself the time needed to grieve. What I mean by this is give yourself the opportunity to feel all that has come up for you. Having a flashback can give our brain and body another chance to process through what happened to us. So instead of just pushing it all down and moving on, try to allow yourself the time to feel all that happened and process it as best you can.
5. Work to prevent them from happening again! Try to recognize the warning signs you experience prior to a flashback. Also, noticing what it is that triggers it, so that we can avoid certain situations or prepare ahead for them with our therapist!
I hope you found this helpful! Please share! You never know who may be struggling and the more helpful information we put out there the better.
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