5D Consciousness: Spiritual Awakening out of Insanity (PTSD & Agoraphobia)

Namaste y’all. 🙏

My name is Tabitha, & I write via InnSaeiGnosis💚 👉@HealingRoots.Life (FB & IG)

This is my first video introducing myself to my channel. I apologize in advance for all the movement with the video. Facing my fears head on! Diving deep into my uncomfort. 😵😂😚

I was born into this world a HEYOKA, a starseed, an awakened empath (diagnosed early on with ADHD) to a southern Baptist family in the bible belts. By the age of 13 – with societal/family programming👉 I fell asleep into a 3D guilt-shame-fear construct. Dogma, spiritual narcissism, and conditional love was my daily reality.

Fast forward many years..

I awoke in 2004 after giving birth to my youngest son, which gave me the courage & motivation to escape years domestic abuse, that led me to a mental health crisis, where I was overmedicated & assigned the labels of: Bipolar Disorder NOS, OCD, C-PTSD, & Agoraphobia 👉 which for years I thought defined me. I have spent well more than a decade dissociated. By 2011, I had chosen to come off the mental health prescriptions completely . That choice shaked my entire world, and allowed for my kundalini to rise. My life completely changed for the better, as did my awareness – and every day since has been a process of rediscovering what aspects of myself I have rejected, denied, & disowned – and consciously choosing to accept, forgive, unconditionally love & integrate each fragmentation back into the whole of my being. Physically, mentally, & spiritually healing my mind, body, & soul along the way.

This channel is the vibrational translation of my spiritual awakening journey out of narcissistic abuse & mental health crisis 👉 into self-awareness, selflove, & 5D Consciousness.

If you are going through a mental health crisis 👉 you are not alone. Reach out. I would love to hear your story. Would you like to hear mine? I’m not innocent by far, my road is more of a wild rollar coaster ride out of insanity into 5D spirituality.

Please know👉You matter. Nothing you could ever do would make you unworthy. You are always worthy. You were always enough. You have nothing to be ashamed of, everything you’ve thought, felt, & done has brought you expansion via divine contrast. You are already enough. I love you without conditions and I sincerely hope you can love you too.

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