65. Post-Betrayal Syndrome and Transformation with Dr. Debi Silber

Betrayal is a form of trauma. Like any trauma, it impacts our health. But there are elements of betrayal that make it unique. I’m joined by Dr. Debi Silber to talk about what she learned about Post-Betrayal Syndrome from her own experiences and research.

In This Episode
What led Debi to research betrayal [1:40]
What betrayal actually is and how it impacts our health [6:20]
Moving beyond betrayal to begin healing [12:30]
How to know if you have post-betrayal syndrome [22:00]
How transformation can occur after a betrayal [25:50]
Identifying if you are numbing rather than healing [33:20]

The five stages from betrayal to breakthrough are:
1. Neglected emotions/intuition
2. Shock
3. The emergence of survival instincts
4. Adjusting to a new normal
5. Healing, rebirth, and a new worldview

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