69: PTSD and Me with Lloyd Dean

‘PTSD may always affect me but I get to decide how I react to it.’ Lloyd Dean experienced a horrific car crash leading to PTSD which he now manages through tips he shares on the podcast!

Growing up 1 of 7 kids, he describes life as chaotic but filled with creativity and learning to be resilient. As the Head of digital and innovative learning for EDF Energy, Lloyd lives in a masculine world where the stereotype is the thing to strive for: be the strong silent type, who is the main breadwinner who contributes to falseness in groups of men at the pub.

A horrific car accident and subsequent PTSD symptoms such as reacting to noise and intrusive thoughts, led him to begin his road to therapy, speaking out and experimenting with tips for being able to cope with a young family and a challenging work life. After experiencing EMDR trauma therapy he realised he may have had a pre-disposition to mental health issues and went on a mindfulness course, noticed the signs early and created the space he needed to accept and cope with his symptoms.

A powerful conversation for anyone who’s experienced trauma and wondered how to deal with it, speak about it and get back to being happy and successful.

Connect with Lloyd at https://www.linkedin.com/in/lloyddeanuk/

Source: Youtube