7 Premed Questions Answered: Applying With a Disability and More | Ask the Dean Ep. 18

Mappd is back with episode eighteen of Ask The Dean! This week, Dr. Scott Wright, Dr. Ryan Gray, and Rachel Grubbs answer questions about applying to medical school with a disability such as PTSD or stuttering, how to get clinical experience and shadowing during the pandemic, how to determine your class standing as an exchange student, and more!

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We cover the following topics this week:

0:00 Introduction
0:07 Will mental illness like PTSD prevent me from going to med school?
8:00 Should you disclose a stuttering issue on your med school app?
11:50 Is it okay to quit my clinical job to focus on MCAT and applying?
15:09 What if you have a blank transcript from a school you withdrew from?
19:23 Will UTSW’s virtual shadowing be acknowledged by med schools?
22:03 Any ideas for gaining clinical experience during the pandemic?
25:47 How do you determine your class standing as an exchange student?

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Dr. Scott Wright has served as the Director of Admissions at UT Southwestern Medical School, Associate Dean at University of Texas at Dallas, and Executive Director of the Texas Medical and Dental Application Service (TMDAS)

Mappd is co-founded by Ryan Gray, MD and Rachel Grubbs. Dr. Gray is also the host of the Premed Years podcast and the author of the Premed Playbook series. Ms. Grubbs has been serving and advising premeds for 20 years at companies like The Princeton Review and Next Step Test Prep (now Blueprint MCAT).

Source: Youtube