7 Things People With PTSD Do Differently In Relationships

7 Things People With PTSD Do Differently In Relationships.

1. People with PTSD are going to be more defensive than most, especially when stressed.
While you’re not the cause of their stress, they still might end up lashing out. While in a ‘normal’ relationship stress might not affect your partner as much, when someone has PTSD it is more intense than you may realize. Even the smallest thing could be a huge deal for the person closest in your life.

2. People with PTSD are going to be much harder to get to open up.
You’re not going to get someone with PTSD to open up easily. They’re not going to tell you their whole life story over dinner the first few times you meet one another. This just isn’t how they operate.

3. People with PTSD might feel let down much easier than others.
When you’re with someone with PTSD you may find that they are much easier to upset than others. They feel let down over smaller things and tend to be discouraged easily. While this might not be true for all people with PTSD, it seems true for many of them.

4. People with PTSD depending on their trauma may need time before they consider true intimacy.
Depending on what your love has gone through, they may not be interested in intimacy or ready for it just yet. You may have to wait a lot longer than you would with someone else. That being said, it is well worth the wait if you truly love this person.

5. People with PTSD don’t want you to try and fix them, things are not that easy.
People with PTSD are not broken in the ways they may seem. They don’t need you to come in and fix things. While other people might like to be swept off of their feet people with PTSD know this is something they need to work through on their own. Things for them cannot be solved as easily as you might hope they could.

6. People with PTSD aren’t always good at explaining what they’re going through.
When you love someone with PTSD, you’re not always going to understand what they’re going through. The things in their own minds are hard to explain and they’re never going to know the words to use exactly. Just know they’re struggling and that sometimes they’re going to be well and other times they may be battling something you cannot see.

7. People with PTSD may go out of their way to avoid you when at their worst.
People with PTSD sometimes don’t want to be comforted when they’re at their worst. While your past lovers may have run into your arms when upset, this one might not. PTSD affects us all differently and some people just want to be left alone when at their worst.

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