“7 Things That Will Make PTSD Recovery Impossible” PTSD TV: Episode #4

PTSD T.V. is a place where you can get help on your healing journey from two people who have been in your shoes.

We talk open and honestly about PTSD and all it entails.

How it affected us as individuals and our relationship and how we were able to overcome it 100%

In this episode we’re talking about something SUPER important…

7 Things That Will Make PTSD Recovery Impossible

This was a HUGE piece to our healing journey and something a LOT of people struggle with too…

Even if you don’t believe recovery is possible or that YOU can do it..

We’re here for you and believe in you 100,000%

Please reach out if you have any questions or need anything at all!

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As promised, here are the links I talked about in the Video:

Link to free Training: http://overcomingptsd.info/go

Link to download “Commitment Contract”: http://bit.ly/CommitmentContractBrokenToUnbreakable

Link to Free Book “3 Tools to Overcome PTSD Anxiety”: http://overcomingptsd.info/freebook

Link to “Healing PTSD” Positive PTSD/CPTSD Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2544077109151106/

Here for you always,
Kayleen & Brad (& Shiloh)

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