7 Week PTSD and Anxiety Recovery Program

Let’s do this Ladies… The first Live Online PTSD & ANXIETY 7 WEEK RECOVERY PROGRAM is launching on the 14th March – 25th April from 9.30 am – 11.00 am 💃

Bespoke, intense, practical and therapeutic recovery program, but with long term benefits as proven by its successful testimonials 🙌🏼

Time to Take Back Control from PTSD & Anxiety and Move Forward.

** CPD Accredited ** 15 Hours = 15 Points **

From Knowledge of PTSD – understanding Triggers, Avoidance / Safety Behaviours – Anger Management – Emotional Numbing – Impact on your Daily Life – Tracking Emotions – Learning Coping Mechanisms – Plan for Relapse and a Complete Self-Help Guide / Workbook with a Certificate of Attendance to Complete!!!!!

To summarise, the content in this program is Life Changing!!!

People ask me how I am so resilient, this is how ⬆️ I designed and now deliver this program because it helped me, so it can definitely help you.

For just £175.00 per person (£25 per week)…

Visit: www.shecanconsultancy.com/recoveryprogram
to read all about the sessions and the testimonials that speak for themselves!

Enrol Now for this Live Virtual Program 💃

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