8 Hour Sleep Hypnosis For Weight Loss – Sleep Your Struggles (And Weight) Away!

Relax and let the magic of today’s enlightened technology shape your subconscious mind so you can make the changes you want in your life… with the 8 Hour Sleep Hypnosis For Weight Loss – Sleep Your Struggles (And Weight) Away!

Can you really “sleep your struggles away”?

YES! It’s easy. Effortless. And so effective.

Just play this video as you doze off to sleep.

It will play through the night, even as you dream, and gently engage your mind with positive, supporting affirmations of health, wellness, optimism, and focus.

Go ahead and let yourself be amazed at the astonishing power of the subconscious mind.

I speak to your mind in subtle, barely audible words – “whisper quiet”… so you can fully sleep… yet fully absorb.

After all, the mind is like a sponge, or thirsty soil.

Our ideas and concepts are the seeds in that soil.

Water them properly, and you will have a plant that bears good fruit.

That’s what this video will do for you.

You’ll wake up with a new vitality and zest for life – plus the ability to conquer your fears, limitations, regrets, and negative self-image.

How It Works

Like going to the gym, the power of subliminal tapes can only be seen after you use them.

That’s why I’ve designed mine to be the easiest to use.

You start with ocean waves in the background.

The tranquil, relaxing music I play is designed with the special purposes of meditation, relaxation, and sleep.

Embedded in the audio, barely detectable beneath the sound of the ocean waves, are my 30 most powerful weight-loss hypnosis protocols.

I will guide you to your goals – while you sleep!

At the end of 7-1/2 hours, you will gently wake up to the sound of birds singing.

And you’re ready for a brand-new day!

You’ll soon have much less stress in your life.

You’ll put an end to emotional eating.

You’ll experience an increase in confidence and self-esteem.

You’ll say good-bye to bad eating habits, and hello to health!

You’ll make healthy life decisions – without thinking about it!

You’ll change your view of yourself, your life, and your place in this world.

Basically, a whole new you is waiting at the end of these sessions!
For best results, listen while wearing headphones (or ear buds). You can listen while working – but please don’t use while driving!

Make this your night for making a CHANGE in your life.

You deserve to have what you want so badly.

And now you can.

Thank you, and please enjoy.

Background Music by:

Morning Meditation: https://www.pond5.com/

Heavens Gate, Dream Frontiers, Breathing Light, Adrift, Celestial Light, by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. https://www.christopherlloydclarke.com. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Background Visuals by: https://www.shutterstock.com/

Background Ocean Waves: Bjorne Lynne https://www.lynnemusic.com

Source: Youtube