8:5:19 Journal 130 T+125 480 ptsd

Lesley and I were driving to our son’s 30th Birthday celebration at a club in Hollywood — birthday cake strategically positioned on Lesley’s lap — when two women in a Toyota Camry ran us off the road on Highland Avenue.

It wrecked the whole left side of the vehicle I was driving and forced me to jump the curb and between a lamp post and a fire hydrant. I can still hear people screaming while they scrambled to get out of our way!

Every time I’m on the road and someone is on my left side the anxiety returns. All of it. Sights. Sounds. Feelings.

I feel that way every time I visit the hospital. Every time I pass someone with a PICC line. Every time I pass someone with an IV ‘tree’ with multiple bags hanging. Every time I see a patient wince or struggle.

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is real and you don’t have to be a combat vet to experience it. In fact, it’s likely we’ve all experienced PTSD whether recognized or not. The question as always is: What do you do with that experience, those emotions.

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