9 hours of soft WATERFALL and birdsong in the forest – Nature sounds for sleep

.42. The positive effect of the sounds of nature on the human body has been repeatedly proved by scientists. Sleeping music has a beneficial effect. Frequencies set a person in a certain mood, helping to relax, to plunge into a state of relaxation. Agree that under such conditions, the process of immersion in sleep will be much easier.
Doctors have conducted no studies that have proven that the sounds of water help reduce pain in fibromyalgia. Namely, they are the main reason for insomnia. Those. the sounds of nature help the listener fall asleep faster. It is also recommended to listen to birdsong and the sounds of waterfalls in order to prevent insomnia. In case of post-traumatic stress disorder, do not deny yourself diving into the sounds of nature.
But how to listen to the video – in headphones or without them is up to you. In each case, the effect will be the same. The influence of relaxing music has a positive effect on the sleep of even the busiest and business people.

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