A Farmer and First Responder's Stories of Surviving Trauma and PTSD

In this episode of #RidinginCabsWithFarmers, my brother shares his story of witnessing a tragic accident and now living with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). That night, he met First Responder and Volunteer Fire Fighter, Erik Foster who, from the effects of repeated trauma, is also living with PTSD.

They share their stories, the warning signs and symptoms of PTSD, and how they are surviving and thriving. Erik started the Ride to Survive campaign to raise awareness for first responder PTSD. Erik and his son travelled over 2,000 kilometres on snowmobiles to fire stations to start a dialogue around the condition.

Connect with Erik at dirtydeeds007@hotmail.com and Derek at dyamaha@live.ca

Riding in Cabs with Farmers is about having conversations with farmers and people from various walks of life about food and farming and my most favorite, life and get to know the people behind the scenes – all as we drive around in cabs of tractors, trucks, combines, and even cabs in the city. Agriculture has an amazing story to not only tell but share and we’re all connected through food, people and stories.

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