[A] How We Handle Stress, Danger & Trauma (educational ramble)

[A] – Suitable for listeners of any gender. Contains no roleplay elements. This audio involves a discussion of how the body responds to stress, danger and trauma and as such, includes mild reference to situations such as encountering a hostile man armed with a sword, predatory animals, car crashes and a general overview of some aspects of PTSD and anxiety. None of this is approached in a way designed to make you uncomfortable or distressed, everything is talked about gently and with good humour to make it approachable, but if you think you may find it upsetting, listener discretion is advised and please ensure you do appropriate self-care if you are triggered.

This audio could be considered a lullabiochemistry audio, but it isn’t really designed to help you sleep. It’s an educational ramble about how the brain and body responds to dangerous, traumatic or stressful situations. I cover the three major ways we have of dealing with situations – the social engagement system, the fight or flight response, and the freeze response or immobilisation response. After a general overview of what those responses are, how they work and what they’re good for, I talk a bit more about neuroanatomy and what happens in the brain and body when we go into these responses (including fragmented memory and dissociation). I also talk about some issues relating to these responses, such as victim blaming, triggers, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how we can recover from it.

At just under an hour, this is a pretty lengthy audio and it’s jam-packed with information, though it’s all made to be accessible to anyone and doesn’t go too deep into the science or terminology. It covers a wide range of topics and issues, and will hopefully help you to understand your body and brain, your previous responses to dangerous or stressful situations and help you have perspective about future responses too, as well as understand other people who have PTSD or have experienced trauma. The content isn’t scary and hopefully isn’t distressing, but it’s a bit of a heavy topic so if you feel the need to take a break and listen in shorter chunks, please do so. Remember to take care of yourself and pace yourself sustainably.

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