A Novel Idea: PTSD Symptoms & Treatment

One of the prominent voices in Laila Lalami’s “The Other Americans” is Jeremy, a Marine veteran who served in Iraq. Both he and his unit buddy, Fierro, have PTSD that manifests in different ways in their lives.

In this presentation, Frachescha Scott, Ph.D., discusses whether the portrayal of PTSD in “The Other Americans” is a realistic representation of patients with PTSD and talk about resources for being able to identify different types of evidence-based trauma treatment.

Franchesca Scott is a postdoctoral fellow at STRONG STAR. There she provides evidenced-based PTSD treatment to active duty soldiers, veterans, and military family. She supports veteran health research and provides consultation services to behavioral health providers for prolonged exposure therapy. Prior to this role, Scott worked as a clinical psychology resident at the Intrepid Spirit Trauma Brain Injury (TBI) clinic located at Fort Hood, Texas. Dr. Scott earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and industrial-organizational psychology from Alliant International University in San Diego, California. She served in the U.S. Army as a Captain in the Medical Service Corps.

Source: Youtube