A response to EyeofSol: A conversation with Boogie2988

A person on youtube and Reddit made an hour and 58 min video about their conversation with boogie2988.

I wanted to help shed a little light on the subject. I know my and Steve’s case is different than my own, but I get it.

I suffer from PTSD myself.

I’m not trying to gain fame or anything. It’s just for Boogie to maybe share and people to understand mental health a little better by shedding light on a case we all see in public.

I really didn’t do anything entertaining or funny, so you can just read this and move on to the sources, they are way more entertaining and informative than me.


Boogie with Katy Morton:

Game theory on algorithm suppressing views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyHaMVRgBV0

PTSD information:


Source: Youtube