A Tale Of Remembrance – Nov 2018

A tribute to those lost to the silent killer (PTSD), through suicide and mental illness. May you rest in peace in Valhalla. On 21 August of this year, just over 8 weeks ago I posted a tribute to those men and women we had lost to suicide from PTSD and other associated mental illnesses. At that time we had lost around 30 brothers and sisters, both veterans, and still serving. At the time of posting this new tribute, the figure lost to suicide is now 51! Another 20 have since joined the “cast” of this tribute. It is now the time of year when we pay our respects, not only to those lost in the wars and areas of conflict, but also to those who felt it necessary to fight their demons by leaving this mortal coil. A huge effort is currently being made to raise awareness of this subject and the stigma associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Take a few moments to watch this, and let the faces and names register, and make no mistake, this tribute is destined to get longer for sure. I would like to pass my personal thanks to Jeff Williams, Davey Robb and the team at Veterans United Against Suicide. To David Bellamy and Simon Maryan of Icarus Online. To Pablo and Jane at Sandbagtimes Magazine, and to the wonderful artist Jaqueline Hurley for allowing the use of her striking artwork used in this latest tribute. Lyrics and narration by Pablo Snow. For all those featured in this video, may you find peace and tranquility in Valhalla!


Source: Youtube