A Warriors Walk: A Detectives Journey with Cumulative Police Related PTSD (Full Length)

Detective Joe Locus sharing his joys and pains!

What’s it like to be a Cop hiding your PTSD!  What are the costs when our officers don’t seek care for emotional traumas experienced, and what happens when departments do not offer a way out?

After 12 years of service, Detective Joe Locus forced himself out of policing. He was retired as a City Police Police Investigator due to cumulative P.T.S.D, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Detective Locus struggled with obtaining benefits! He fought for three years straight until Senator Marco Rubio answered his call, and helped get him the attention needed to get at least medical benefits and a small monthly disability benefit!

While Detective Locus was fighting for that help, he lost his best friend, roommate, and younger brother, James Locus, to an overdose! Shortly after his death, his marriage of ten years was over.  This was devastating, and by this time he was contemplating suicide! A few months later, Detective Locus started also becoming physically sick, only to be diagnosed with stage 3 Renal Cell Carcinoma. Kidney Cancer!

Detective Locus struggled but found some peace with his two children Adriana and Anthony. He also said an angel came into his life, which allowed him to keep the roof over his head so he could undergo cancer Care and regain his foundation as a man!

It’s during this time; Detective Locus started sharing his journey and forming a social media network called the #BlueFamily!  This group of 1st Responders and civilians, helped him see he was worth it, and that’s when Detective Locus came up with the idea of starting his organization, PTSD.help. The organization is for 1st Responders like Locus to help unmask PTSD, and end the stigma 1st Responders struggling with their mental health. 

As of today, Detective Locus is still struggling but believes his kids, faith and guardian angel keep him moving forward so he can continue to get care and help others!

“It’s been a long battle,” Locus said, “But it was all worth it if I can help a fellow brother or sister choose life over suicide!”. Detective Locus said he was close to suicide when he felt he had nothing left, but, “With hope and a valiant passion to fight, it does change!” “Never stop fighting.” That’s the oath! ” Locus said!

If you or someone you know is struggling with 1st Responder related PTSD, please contact, PTSD.help, or @DetJoeLocus on Twitter!   If you are contemplating suicide, please seek help, please contact the National Suicide line immediately, 1-800-273-8255! 

You’re not alone!

Lieutenant. Daniel LaRusso,
& Detective Joe Locus

Source: Youtube