A Whole New Channel! #DomesticAbuse #PTSD #MeToo

My channel has a whole new focus now. I will be posting content on domestic abuse,domestic violence, verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and other types of mistreatment. As a rape survivor and abuse survivor, I have many things that have affected me in my mind my heart and my soul from all my life. People always tell me to forget about the past and to move on.

However, I find it very hard to move on when these past events always come in the form of what we call “flashback”. I can take all the meds prescribed to me and I still have flashbacks. I want people to understand what all of this is particularly my family. Hell no I’m not a victim, I’m a survivor! #abuse #domesticviolence #PTSD #survivor #metoo

Please watch: “2019 Has NOT Been A Good Year & Another Apology”


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