Ableism Condemned by a Psychiatric Survivor with Autism and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The press doesn’t report abuse inflicted upon autistic people. Instead, the populace is indoctrinated to hate and fear us as if we’re all like Adam Lanza. There are varying degrees of autism. The media ignores the most severe cases. In my case, the ableism is much worse than the condition itself. Employers refuse to hire me and the laws against discrimination are unenforced.
I’m gradually rising above the abuse. I finally have a medicinal cannabis license. There’s no legal justification to accuse me of “abusing” said medical necessity when it’s prescribed. I tapered the pharmaceuticals myself, thus avoiding withdrawal symptoms; and psychiatry has lost a customer. Decades of psychiatric fraud and torture exacerbated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and that’s inadvertantly how I got that license.
The rationale for misdiagnosis is “insurance companies will  have to be told they’re paying for something”; i.e. insurance fraud! Anyone can be misdiagnosed so drugs get pushed, the vast majority of them are never violent, people labeled “mentally ill” are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators; the torture inflicted upon them is encouraged by the authorities.
Many psychiatrists told me I would “never amount to anything” because they’re ashamed of themselves, so they project their insecurities upon others, they ruin lives by misdiagnosing whomever they can; as expected from bullies.
The pushers are unwilling to lose even one customer. Every time they refused to taper the drugs, I was yet again traumatized by involuntary admission due to withdrawal symptoms. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was misdiagnosed because psychiatry caused most of the trauma.
I finally was diagnosed with PTSD. I acquired my medicinal herb license in 2017, a major accomplishment. The pushers don’t have any legal justification to accuse me of “abusing” said herb when it’s prescribed.
Years after relegalization of medicinal cannabis in 2012, nobody removed unqualified doctors and others who think the first medical necessity somehow “causes” every problem that exists and then some.
The drug pushers were wrong, all of their claims are backwards. The first medical necessity motivates its users, improves concentration, and prevents paranoia, anxiety, and depression because it’s relaxing; and saves lives.
Medicinal cannabis clears my head so I focus. Dr. Jeffrey Shelton claimed otherwise while pushing drugs to impair concentration and cause depression and anxiety.
Dr. Micheal Edward Balkunas of New Britain General Hospital caused damage that persisted since 2005.
Before 2005, nobody denied that I was a “gifted and talented” savant on the highest functioning end of the autism spectrum. In 2005, Dr. Micheal Balkunas falsified medical records. From 2005 to 2015, I was falsely accused of “paranoia, delusions, psychotic tendencies, lack of insight, and polysubstance abuse” because that’s how pharmaceuticals are pushed.
Community Mental Health Affiliates convinced a Probate Judge to appoint a Conservator of Person and Estate, Attorney Katrina Camera, at the behest of Dr. John A. Nazarian. I was discharged from CMHA to Continuum of Care in 2015.
When I was harassed and stalked by Mike Inigo, the staff at my house stayed in the office to not witness him throw out my belongings, and I wasn’t reimbursed. They presumed they could get an easy paycheck. The bully pulled down his pants and indecently exposed himself and got away with it. He was eventually removed from the house.
Psychiatric APRN Susanne Wargo pushes Xanax without concern about brain damage or deadly withdrawal symptoms. I had a seizure when I was misplaced the pills and the junky staff at Bristol Hospital claimed the cause of the seizure was “undetermined”, then lied under oath knowing their perjury was all it takes to persuade the Probate Judge. The junky staff say, “do as we say, not as we do”.
“Special education” meant being forcibly drugged and thrown in detention for being forced to sleep in class. I excelled in school until I was forcibly drugged in 5th grade at the Wheer Clinic. I was kicked out of public school for being an easy target for bullies. I was forced to sleep through nearly every class from 5th grade until graduation.Classism and racism caused the phony “drug war” targeting indigent communities. This isn’t a specifically American problem, authentic medical necessity had already been banned throughout Europe before the United States. 
Harry J. Anslinger fooled lawmakers who had no idea they criminalized a medicinal herb that saved their lives. By using an obscure term spelled with a J instead of an H, Anslinger made the first medical necessity seem foreign. He targeted immigrants and jazz and swing musicians by claiming they were “insane on marijuana that makes them think they’re as good as white men” despite that people of all walks of life rely on the first medical necessity.
The poor are targeted, considered a threat to the wealthy.

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