Aboulia – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Aboulia – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Taken from upcoming album “Alone In Despair” out on April 26



I’m falling, my mind is breaking down
War’s over, sequels remain now
The feeling of death inside my thoughts
Screaming sounds through all my bones

Dissecting the memories I had
Diagnosing an illness in my mind
Nightmares are all I can see now
Flashbacks, what have I become?

I wanted just a change
In my monotonic life
The pain I feel tonight
Won’t go away this time
Waiting for sunlight
To cleanse this horror I’m
Passing through right now
I want to be free from this

Dreams take over my mind
Tears flow as I cry
Illusions tend to die
Just as my wishes in life

I desire a normal life

Screeching, a knife against my skull
Breaching the place I once called home
Asking myself if I am worth
Something, I realize I’m now alone

Sadness, nostalgia passing by
Madness, hysteria leaving me
Speechless, the words flow with no
Reason, I’m hanging off the edge

Falling away from here
Feeling crazy, I am not myself

I need my life back

Source: Youtube