Activating and Connecting Young People to create Mental Health Friendly Cities

Introducing Lian Zeitz of CitiesRISE

• Lian Zeitz is a young mental health advocate with lived experience working to make sure all people are supported with dignity. Lian has worked with therapeutic programs for struggling youth in 15 states in the US to identify pathways for young people to play a greater role in their own care and the development of mental health programs.

• He has also worked internationally on areas such as suicide prevention, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse in Bhutan, Indonesia, and Zambia. He is passionate about young people’s experiences in therapeutic programs, trauma-focused community development, and pathways to successful transitions in life.

• At citiesRISE, Lian leads international youth activities and works to develop meaningful ways to engage young people in the development, implementation, and evaluation of mental health programs. In this role Lian has supported the design and scale-up of cross-sector mental health programs and built a network of youth leaders passionate about mental health across the world.

• Lian earned a B.A. from Quest University Canada, where he focused on public mental health and international development, and a certificate for Leadership in Mental Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Introducing Sam Talam, CEO and Co-founder, Amazing Minds Africa

• Samuel Talam is the founder of Amazing Minds Kenya, a youth led organization housed within Kenyatta University that equips students and staff with mental health resources.

• Amazing Minds promotes mental health through art, serves as a peer support and referral link for mental health care and services and offers youth leadership opportunities at the university.

• Samuel is a recipient of the citiesRISE Youth Challenge Award in 2017. Samuel is currently a student at Kenyatta University.


Introducing Dr. Lukoye Atwoli, Technical Director for citiesRISE

• Lukoye Atwoli is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mental Health at Moi University School of Medicine, and a Consultant Psychiatrist for the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital and other facilities in Eldoret and western Kenya.

• He also holds visiting positions at Harvard University’s School of Public Health and Duke University’s Institute of Global Health and an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town’s Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health.

• His work integrating city programs and implementation at citiesRISE is supported by years of global work, including with several consortia involved in mental health research and development in Kenya and in other parts of the world, including the Orphans and Separated Children’s Assessment Related to their health and well-being (OSCAR project) in western Kenya, the South African Stress and Health Survey (SASH), and the World Mental Health Surveys Consortium.

• Lukoye received his medical degree in Pyschiatry from University of Nairobi Medical School, Nairobi, Kenya and his PhD in Psychiatry from the University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa.

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