Addiction Recovery & Plant Medicines with Jennifer Montjoy, PMHNP-BC: hosted by Dr. Oren Cox

Host: Dr. Oren Cox
Guest: Jennifer Montjoy, PMHNP-BC

Jennifer Montjoy relocated to Tucson in 2016 after completing Vanderbilt University’s psychiatric nurse practitioner program. Prior to this, Jennifer worked as a registered nurse in a variety of hospital settings for more than 12 years before finding her passion in mental healthcare. She brings a holistic and collaborative approach to her psychiatric practice and clients and is a strong proponent of nurturing body and mind through nutrition, movement, and supplementation. Jennifer provides integrative psychiatric modalities as well as western medicine practices based on clients’ preferences.
Jennifer’s practice, Resilience Behavioral Health Solutions, specializes in complex trauma, treatment resistant conditions, and post-traumatic stress disorder. She is a proponent of several therapy modalities, including psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, and believes medicines created by Mother and her children can be catalysts for healing.
In addition to working as a psychiatric provider, Jennifer is a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona studying biobehavioral neuroscience and ketamine’s psycho-spiritual and neuroendocrine-immune efficacy in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma. Jennifer’s excited to share insights and information about the latest in plant medicine research in the treatment of addiction.

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